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Nanbin Road National Cultural Industrial Park


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In 2015, Nan'an District put forward the strategic idea of establishing a national cultural industry demonstration park with Nanbin Road as the core, and formally started the establishment work in that year. In June 2016, the Development Planning of Nanbin Road Cultural Industry Park in Chongqing formally passed the evaluation of the leadership and expert group of the Ministry of Culture; in December 2016, Nanbin Road Culture in Chongqing City. Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Park Company") successfully completed the establishment work; in September 2017, Nanbin Road Cultural Industrial Park was successfully qualified to establish the first batch of national cultural industry demonstration parks; from 2018, the park formally entered a three-year establishment period (2017-2019).

Advantages of Park Building

Strategic location is superior. Nanbin road is the core component of Chongqing's main urban area, and also the essence of the city's "two rivers and four banks". The Nanbin Road Danzishi CBD under construction is separated from Jiangbeizui and Jiefangbei across the river, which together constitute the "Golden Triangle" of Chongqing's world-class financial and business district. Facing the future, Nanbin Road is becoming the strategic focus of Chongqing's headquarters economic development, innovative finance, cultural creativity, and an important gateway to display the city's culture and charm.

Internal and external traffic is smooth. Nanbin Road has a "land, water and air" three-dimensional transportation system, with smooth internal and external traffic. The Airport Express line crosses the river can reach directly to Jiangbei International Airport in only 15 minutes; the Six cross-river Bridge connects Nanbin Road with the districts of the main city; two expressways connect Nanbin Road in series to the north and south; and three rail transit passes through the districts. The smooth internal and external traffic lays a solid foundation for the future opening and leapfrog development of Nanbin Road.

It has profound cultural connotations. Nanbin Road, rich in historical and cultural resources, is a very popular cultural window and cultural consumption experience highland in Chongqing. Dayu, Bayu, Kaibu, religion, anti-Japanese war and other cultures and modern art coexist in a pluralistic way; there are 460 cultural sites such as Huguishi and Ciyun Temple; there are old streets of Danzishi, Mishi Street, Ciyun Temple and Longmenhao historical and cultural blocks. Rich cultural resources have brought great advantages to Nanbin Road in shaping regional characteristics and developing cultural industry.

Development Status of Park

Nanbin Road is bordered by the Yangtze River to the West and backed by Nanshan Mountain. It is 22.2 kilometers long and has a regional area of 10.15 square kilometers, with a total planned area of 9 square kilometers.Core area  From the west of Babin Road and to the east Yangren Street, the total length is 18 kilometers and the planned area is about 6 square kilometers. The two expansion areas are respectively located in the Danzishi CBD north of Yangren Street and the Lujiao area of Jiangnan New Town in the South Coast area, with a total planned area of about 2.7 square kilometers. Many fulcrums include Yixiangcheng, the Museum of Anti-Japanese War Sites, and Jin Yang Chongqing Image, N18LOFT Courtyard and other projects, an area of about 0.3 square kilometers.

Industrial structure. At present, the park has basically formed a cultural industry gathering area which integrates publishing creativity, literature and art exhibition, recreation, leisure and sightseeing, Gourmet culture and tourism culture. The building area of cultural commerce and other supporting facilities is 931,838 square meters, accounting for 68.75% of the total building area of the park. As of 2017, 256 enterprises have been stationed in the park, of which 173 are cultural enterprises, accounting for 67.5%; 13,800 employees, of which 5,450 are cultural industry personnel, accounting for 39.5%; and 932,000 square meters are cultural industry construction area, accounting for 68.75% of the total construction area of the park.

Carrier development. After more than ten years of construction, Nanbin Road has owned professional art venues such as Chongqing Yangtze River Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing Changjiahui Contemporary Art Center, Chongqing Baofeng Art Center, Chongqing Dongyuan Art Museum, Chongqing International Circus City and Chongqing Shiguangnan Grand Theatre; Longmenhao Historic and Cultural District, Danzishi Street and other traditional historical articles. Changjiahui Shopping Park, Dongyuan 1891 Time Road, Jinhui Tongyuan Road, Hiatang Xiaoyue First Avenue and other commercial and cultural carriers.

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