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Chongqing Jiulong Industrial Park


B2 industrial built up area


Standard workshop in Zone C

Chongqing Jiulong Industrial Park, established in 1998, is a Chongqing characteristic industrial park approved by Chongqing Municipal Government. Located in Jiulongpo District, the core area of Chongqing's main urban area, the park has won national honorary titles such as "National Model Labor Relations Demonstration Park", "National New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base", and municipal honors such as Chongqing Characteristic Industry (Commercial Vehicle) Demonstration Base and Chongqing Intellectual Property Demonstration Park.

The park is composed of Area A, Area B (B2, B3) and Area C, with a planned area of 32.67 square kilometers. After years of development, Jiulong Park has formed an industrial cluster dominated by automobile, motorcycle and equipment manufacturing. It has two "Ten billion-grade" enterprises, Longxin and Qingling\; 87 enterprises with output value of more than 100 million yuan, ABB, Yamaha, Saili League and other 149 industrial enterprises. There are 2 national enterprise technology centers, 16 municipal enterprise technology centers, 6 strategic emerging industry enterprises, 31 high-tech enterprises, 72 high-tech products, 115 key new products and 6 well-known trademarks in China. In 2017, the total industrial output value of the park was 38.9 billion yuan.

Looking forward to the future, Zone A will actively introduce innovative business platform and incubation space, focusing on fostering new financial, tourism and leisure, cultural creativity, modern commerce and trade, gold jewelry and other modern service industries; Zone B will focus on promoting innovative driving, transformation and upgrading development of traditional automobile and motorcycle equipment manufacturing industry, speeding up regional planning and adjustment, relying on Chongqing. West Railway Station Transportation Hub will focus on building port-vicinity economic zone; Area C will focus on cultivating new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy and other new industries, accelerate the development of commercial, residential, cultural, medical, educational and other industries, and build a demonstration area of production-city integration.

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