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Chongqing College Town Science and Technology Industrial Park


Industrial park plan of Qingfeng group in Zone C


Beidou Technology Group

University College Town Science and Technology Industrial Park (formerly Shapingba Industrial Park), which is divided into Area A (Jingkou Group, provincial characteristic industrial park), Area B (Zengjia Group, now R&D and innovation base), Area C (Qingfeng Group, now production and manufacturing base), is an industrial park in Shapingba District. On March 16, 2017, the  College Town Science and Technology Industrial Park  has been officially licensed by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The park is divided into three parts with a planned area of about 30 square kilometers. It plans the functional layout of "one center, two bases" for industrial incubation center, R&D innovation base and production and manufacturing base.

Industrial incubation center: located in the core area of College Town. Focus on high and new technology, software development, industrial design, die design, intellectual property transaction and maintenance services, product development services, industrial funds and other financial services, patent technology transformation, management consulting, urban exhibition hall, new technology and new materials, public exhibition, conference center and other fields, to provide incubation for start-up enterprises. Platform and specialized, market-oriented related services. At present, we have introduced 20 independent corporate R&D institutions and innovation service platforms, such as Weichai (Chongqing) New Energy Automobile Research Institute and China Soft International Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute.

Production and Manufacturing Base: Located in Qingfeng Group, north of the University City, the planning and research scope is 10.25 square kilometers and the start-up area is 3.87 square kilometers. Focus on electronic communications, biomedicine, medical equipment, new energy vehicles as the leading industries to develop high-end manufacturing industry. At present, four high-end manufacturing projects have been introduced, including Dongfeng Xiaokang high-end vehicle manufacturing base, Dongfeng Xiaokang core suppliers and supporting bases, Huafu high-performance automotive parts headquarters base and Yingang engine parts industry park.

R&D and innovation base: Zengjia Group is located in the south of the core area of the University city, with a planned area of 7.56 square kilometers, of which 2 square meters industrial land has been invested. Focus on building innovative bases for gathering R&D institutions and innovative service platforms, focusing on the development of new services such as inspection and testing, industrial design, scientific and technological consultation, venture capital and so on. At present, we have introduced 20 high-end R&D and manufacturing enterprises, such as Jinkang high-performance power lithium battery, Beidou Science and Technology, Zhongkonatong nanomaterials, Wanpulong Oil and Gas Science Park, etc.

By December 2017, there were 55 enterprises that has been put into operation in the park, including 42 from Jingkou groups, 3 from R&D and innovation bases, 10 from Gongxiang Gongtou buildings, 10 scientific and technological enterprises, 1 National Technology Center (pump factory), and 5 high-tech enterprises (75 in the whole region, accounting for 6.6%). There are 18 regulated industrial enterprises (230 regulated industrial enterprises in the whole region, accounting for 7.8%). The total industrial output value of the whole year was 7.733 billion yuan (the total output value of the whole region was 189 billion yuan, accounting for 4%) with an increase of 8% year on year; the industrial added value was about 2.134 billion yuan (the industrial added value of the whole region was 31.38 billion yuan, accounting for 6.8%); the tax revenue was 516 million yuan, an increase of 28.3% year on year; the investment in fixed assets of the park was 4.82 billion yuan, an increase of 20.5% year on year; R&D investment was 63.91 million yuan.

Industrial Planning

Relying on Shapingba District's industrial base, location advantage and scientific creation advantage, we will unswervingly build and cultivate an innovative ecological circle of "university + independent legal person research and development institution + scientific and technological service institution + high-tech enterprise", and promote "one center and two bases" (industry incubation center, research and development innovation) of Chongqing University City Science and Technology Industrial Park. Construction of bases and production and manufacturing bases. Relying on Colleges and universities such as Chongqing University and Sichuan Fine Arts University to build industrial incubation centers, relying on the relevant plots and properties in the University area, relying on Shapingba Industrial Park B (Taiwan-funded park) to focus on building R&D and innovation service platforms, relying on Industrial Park C (Qingfeng Park) to focus on building high-tech industrial production. Manufacturing base.

The development orientation of the park: an important innovation base in Western China, an important high-end manufacturing base in Chongqing, an entrepreneurship home for high-end talents at home and abroad, focusing on the development of strategic emerging industries such as medical devices, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles and new materials.

Park development idea: focus on building "university + R&D institutions + technology innovation service platform + high-tech industry" four-in-one innovation ecosphere. Among them, universities provide technological and talent sources for innovation; R&D institutions promote the transformation of original technology into commercial application technology; innovation service platform provides perfect technical and financial services, inspection and certification, business and circulation support; high-tech industry has become the leading and driving mode of economic growth and social transformation. 

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