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Chongqing Electric Creation Park Industrial Park


Chongqing yuou cross border e-commerce Building Industrial Park (vision center)

Chongqing Yuou Cross-Border E-Commerce Building Industrial Park (Vision Center): Located at No. 242 Jiabin Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, with 32 floors, with a total floor area of 47,000 square meters. In 2013, it was awarded "Chongqing Creative Industry Base" by municipal and district governments. In November 2014, it was recognized as the first batch of key building industrial parks by SME Bureau of Chongqing. In October 2016, it was recognized as the first batch of municipal e-commerce demonstration parks by Chongqing Commercial Committee.The Park focuses on introducing Internet services, e-commerce and cultural and creative industries. At present, it has signed up 45 key enterprises such as Yuou Company, Hongju Network, SMT, Yicheng Hongtong and so on.

Chongqing Wenchuang Internet Building Industry Park (U Creation Space): Located at No. 89, Zhongshan No. 4 Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, with a construction area of about 12,000square meters, is operated and managed by Chongqing Collem Incubator Co., Ltd. It carries out the "9+6" system and provides one-stop service like policies, funds, leases, business agents, VC resources, technical services, human resources, etc., creating "Internet +" literary creation space, which integrates network entertainment, art creation and virtual reality.At present, we have signed into 19 enterprises, including Kugou Music, Meteorite Technology, Moshan Yinghua Pictures, Jeff and Friends. In October 2015, U-Chuang Space was assessed as the first batch of maker space in Chongqing by Chongqing Science and Technology Commission; in October 2016, it was assessed as the third batch of national maker space by the Ministry of Science and Technology; in October 2016, it was awarded the title of Chongqing Brand Maker  Space; in December 2017, it was assessed as the fourth batch of demonstration bases of cultural industry in Chongqing. In November 2017, it was appraised as Chongqing Building Industry Park by Chongqing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Bureau, and in November 2017, the "U Chuang Thursday" entrepreneurship hall won the national brand of lifelong learning activities in 2017.

Shang Qingsi V camp "Internet + literary creation" Industrial Park, located at No. 163, No. three Zhongshan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, with a construction area of nearly 10 thousand square meters, invested and managed by Chongqing tengkang Business Management Co., Ltd., which takes cultural creativity, education and training, new media and technology services as the leading industry, and adopts six major professional programs.  service park enterprises to expand the market, docking capital, the introduction of talents, create "Internet + literary creation" theme Industrial Park and "Shanghai -Chongqing dual integration development industrial base". At present, it has been stationed in more than 30 enterprises such as Lianqiang Human Resources, Yisi Education, Lianyucheng Network Science and Technology.

Chongqing village 1 "Internet + professional services" Building Industrial Park: located in Chongqing Yuzhong District Chongqing Village No. 1, a total of 28 floors, with a total construction area of 30609.21 square meters. In August 2017, the electricity generation Park Management Committee jointly signed the three party agreement with the property rights side and the operation platform company, and jointly built the 1 business building of Chongqing village as the "Internet + professional service" building industrial park. At present, it has accumulated 71 enterprises stationed in such as  Shu Yangkang Health Industry Company, Hengdian Industry, Benku Science and Technology, etc.

Badian Film and TV Cultural Creative Industry Park: Located at No. 19 Shangzeng Jiayan, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, it is the old site of the former National Government Police Station with an area of about 2,000 square meters. The operation organization of the park is Chongqing Badian Film and Television Cultural Media Co., Ltd. The park will construct Badian micro-film  space,Badian new media workshop and Chinese micro-film of Chongqing  Channel Production Base, badian Micro film Operating Center and Small Cultural Museum, etc. Badian company is committed to the creation of Chongqing's humanistic and historical video recording. It has become the most influential self-operating Media video  in the West and even in the whole country. It has won the Baidu Baijia Qianxun Award in 2017, the "Most Influential Short Video" Award for Short Video Unit. There are Zengjiayan Academy, Republican Image Gallery, Cafe and a series of cultural exhibitions in the park.

Erchang cultural creation Park: Located at No. 1 Eling Zhengjie, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, with a total area of 26,600 square meters, its predecessor is the banknote printing plant of the Central Bank of the Republic of China. In May 2015, it was invested, transformed and managed by Chongqing Tubi Cultural and Creative Consulting Co., Ltd. to create a complex business, travel and cultural industrial parks with the history and culture of the mother city as the core and the carrier of innovative experience commerce Type . At present, we have signed up 83 cultural and creative enterprises and merchants, such as "Hermit" Fine Art Museum hotel, "Lingshang No. 1" tea club, "Truth Living Room" Life Aesthetics Museum and "Lazy Fish Time Museum".

Chongqing Zhongshan Cultural Industry Park: Located at No. 17, Zhongshan No. 4 Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, with a construction area of about 16,600 square meters, operated and managed by Chongqing Zhongshan Cultural Investment Co., Ltd., is being built as a cultural industry park integrating creative industry, tourism and cultural commerce. It is the base Land. of cultural and creative industry zone and industrial headquarters at the municipal level. It has  stationed  14 key cultural arts and advertising creative enterprises such as   Wang Qi Art Museum, O'Brown Cafe, Phoenix Life Magazine and other.

Xiang man yuan western agricultural products business park: located in Yuzhong District, 79 yuan yuan Road, with a total area of 60000 square meters, is the first professional and vertical e-commerce Industrial Park dominated by agricultural products in Chongqing. It has been assessed as Chongqing's key cultivation Industrial Park and Chongqing's "Internet +" industrial base. According to the "Internet +" mode, the industrial park is based on the physical market of Chongqing vegetable garden dam market cluster and based on the third party professional e-commerce service enterprises. It integrates all kinds of e-commerce service resources, providing product design, customer service, sorting packaging, marketing promotion, logistics and distribution, financial settlement, training and communication, etc. including the whole supply chain e-commerce services.

Shangqingsi Global Internet Industrial Park: It is a characteristic industrial park built on the basis of the highly agglomerative development of the Internet industry in the two intersections of Shangqingsi. The Industrial Park mainly consists of five buildings, Universal Building, Guangfa Building, Gangtian Building, Huaan Building and Zhongyou Building, with a total area of 184,700 square meters. More than 190 enterprises, such as Wan Shang Yunji and Yunwei Science and Technology, have formed an industrial agglomeration area for Internet science and technology enterprises.

Daxigou Creative Industry Park: Located in Daxigou area, the planning area is 1.32 square kilometers, of which the core area is 65.7 hectares. At present, relying on the city design institute, CISDI Group Co., Ltd, Zhongkepu and other three leading enterprises, the park has settled in more than 600 creative enterprises, vigorously developing international architectural and environmental art design, with an annual output value of more than 12 billion yuan.

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