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Baitao Park, Fuling, Chongqing


Landscape of Baitao Park in Fuling


Landscape of Baitao Park in Fuling

Baitao Chemical Park is located in Baitao Street, Fuling District, Chongqing. It is a municipal characteristic industrial park approved by Chongqing Characteristic Industrial Park Planning and Construction Leading Group in 2006, and one of the two major chemical bases planned and constructed by the municipal government. The approved area is 1500 hectares. In the announcement catalogue of the National Development Zone of the National Development and Reform Commission in 2018, Chongqing Baitao Chemical Industrial Park has been formally renamed as Chongqing Baitao Industrial Park.

By 2017,  30 enterprises has stationed in the park  Among them, there are 19 regulatory enterprises, 6 high-tech enterprises, 4 scientific and technological enterprises, 4 municipal enterprise technology centers, 2 R&D institutions with independent legal personality, and 2 research centers of special engineering technology. In 2017, the planned industrial output value reached 19.81 billion yuan, an increase of 43.8% over the same period of last year; the investment in fixed assets was 5.22 billion yuan, an increase of 16.2%; the actual fund received from attracting foreign investment and business was 4.37 billion yuan, an increase of 68.5%.

Leading Industry

After more than 10 years of development, the park has initially formed three major industrial clusters: natural gas, chlorofluorine chemical industry, polyurethane, polyamide, LNG and other shale gas deep processing. First, natural gas, chlorofluorine chemical industry cluster.The core of the company is Chongqing Chemical & Phamaceutical holding(Group) Company, including 720,000 tons of synthetic ammonia , 1.32 million tons of urea, 60,000 tons of melamine, 46,000 tons of polytetrahydrofuran, 200,000 tons of chlor-alkali, 80,000 tons of methane chloride and 15,000 tons of tetrachloroethylene from Jianfeng Group.Secondly, polyurethane and polyamide industrial clusters: mainly with Huafeng Group's enterprises in the park as the core, including 540,000 tons of adipic acid in Huafeng Chemical Industry, 100,000 tons of polyurethane resin in Huafeng New Material, 60,000 tons of differentiated polyurethane in Huafeng Spandex, 30,000 tons of aliphatic alcohol and 40,000 tons of environmental protection solvent in Yuanli Science and Technology, and 20,000 tons of nitrous oxide in Tonghui Kefa.Thirdly, shale gas deep processing industry cluster includes 220,000 tons of LNG (phase I) of Tonghui Energy and 220,000 tons of LNG (phase I) of LongRan Energy.

Industrial Planning

The next step of Baitao Park will be  lay out three major industrial clusters:

One is to promote transformation and upgrade Chongqing Chemical & Phamaceutical Group. Chongqing Chemical & Phamaceutical Group is located in the area from Jianfeng Group to Panjiaba, covering an area of about 3 square kilometers. Relying on the existing natural gas deep processing and chlorofluorine chemical industry, the group upgraded and transformed by extending the industrial chain, technological renovation of equipment, energy saving and emission reduction, and took the road of product differentiation and precision development.

Second, recycling and chain development of new materials. The group is located east of Panjiaba to Xinshenglu, covering an area of about 5 square kilometers. The group has established a world-class polyurethane and polyamide production base through chain checking to fill in the gap and promote recycling development.

Third, seek breakthroughs and plan new industrial clusters with high quality. The group is located east of Xinsheng Road and northeast of Shanwo Market Town, covering an area of about 7 square kilometers. The group focuses on the development of high-tech and highly intelligent aluminum deep processing industry and modern equipment manufacturing industry, forming a new growth pole.

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