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Chongqing Fuling Qingxi Recycling Non-ferrous Metals Industrial Park


Features of Qingxi Park in Fuling


Features of Qingxi Park in Fuling

Qingxi Non-ferrous Metal Industrial Park was established in March 2012, with a total planned area of 10 square kilometers ,actual planned area of 6 square kilometers. At present, it has completed 2 square kilometers. The park is close to Fufengshi Expressway (G50S) and Yangtze River. The high-speed connecting road runs through the inner road network of the park. The wharf construction in Qingxi Operating Area of Chongqing Port is being vigorously promoted, and the transportation by water and land is very convenient. Fuling has a local power grid with abundant and low-cost power resources, which is conducive to smelting and rolling of non-ferrous metals.

The park is currently divided into three spatial layouts: first, a 1-square-kilometre existing construction area along Fufeng South Road to Qingxichang Town, represented by Dongsheng and Tengtai before 2012; second, a 2.16-square-kilometre planning start-up area, represented by Wanfeng Hubs; and third, a planning  Outdoor Development Area along Nantuo Interchange Park for the distribution of connecting roads , Fufeng Expressway..

At present, there are 13 enterprises in the park, 11 enterprises in the unified regulations, with more than 5,000 employees in the park. Aluminum industry chain has been formed with electrolytic aluminium as the leader, carbon raw materials for upstream anode, energy security for local power grid and downstream aluminium processing. A characteristic industrial park with aluminum industry cluster as the leading factor and metal material industry as the supplement has been initially built.

There are 80,000 tons of electrolytic aluminium, 110,000 tons of anodic carbon, 120,000 tons of large ingots, 12,000 tons of aluminium profiles, 30,000 tons of alloy rods, 100,000 tons of alloy aluminium, 10,000 tons of electrical round aluminium rods, 3 million automotive aluminium wheel hubs, 200,000 tons of corundum and 500,000 tons of ferroalloys in the park.

In 2017, the park realized a planned industrial output value of 12.98 billion yuan, completed a fixed assets investment of 2.7 billion yuan, and received  1.5 billion yuan fund from foreign investment and business .

Development Ideas

The park will conscientiously implement the new development concept, adhere to the idea of "industrial chain construction and cluster development". It will focus on the development of basic aluminum materials and intensive processing industry, consolidate and strengthen the aluminum industry cluster, actively develop high-end metal materials industry, plan the layout of copper industry, and build up an important non-ferrous metal industry in the western region. The base aim to achieve industrial output value of 20 billion yuan by 2020.

Industrial Planning

First, continue to expand the aluminium industry cluster. Give full play to the advantages of direct supply of liquid aluminium in short process, vigorously introduce downstream aluminum deep processing projects, further extend the aluminium industry chain, and promote the formation of an aluminium industry cluster of electricity, electrolytic aluminium and aluminium processing as one group.

The second is to promote the transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises. We will vigorously promote intelligent transformation, constantly update processes and equipment, reduce production energy consumption, realize the transformation and upgrading of existing aluminium roughing enterprises and metal materials enterprises, and enhance sustainable profitability.

Thirdly, the layout of copper industry should be solved. Making full use of the advantages of logistics along the river and local energy resources, increasing investment promotion efforts, actively undertaking the introduction of industrial transfer projects in the east, and planning to promote copper foil, copper clad laminate and other copper industrial projects to settle in the park.

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