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Longqiao Industrial Park, Fuling, Chongqing


Longqiao Industrial Park was established in 2007. It is located in the west of the old town in the south of Fuling River. It is located along the Yangtze River and across the river from Fuling New Town. Its planned area is 30.2 square kilometers. The planned area covers Longqiao Street, Xinmiao Town and Shituo Town. The overall layout is composed of "three groups". Namely Nan'anpu Group, with a planned area of 5.1 square kilometers, mainly develops chemical fiber textile industry; Longtougang Group, including Longtougang District, Shita District and Sujiawan District, with a planned area of 8.8 square kilometers, mainly develops warehousing and logistics industry; Xinshi Group, with a planned area of 16.3 square kilometers, mainly develops photoelectric new materials, modern equipment manufacturing and other industries. 

By focusing on the four major industries of modern equipment manufacturing, chemical fibre textile, port-vicinity processing trade and photoelectric new materials, the park promotes the development of modern logistics industry, builds a "4+1" port-vicinity industrial system, and strives to build an important fulcrum of Chongqing's comprehensive industrial agglomeration area and an important port-vicinity economic and industrial base in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

From 2012 to now, the park has completed a total industrial output value of 50.9 billion yuan, fixed assets investment of 12.3 billion yuan, drawing Foreign Capital & Business fund amounting to 8.8 billion yuan have received; 16 investment projects with total agreed investment of 9 billion yuan; 57 new projects have been set up including 17 industrial projects and 40 infrastructure projects. Up to now, there are 43 enterprises stationed in the park, of which 3 are owned or controlled by the world's top 500 enterprises and 4 are owned by China's top 500 enterprises.

The park has obvious advantages in location, convenient logistics and transportation, sufficient supply of elements, and favorable conditions for industrial development. In order to seize the opportunities for development, better integrate into the national development strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Zone, give full play to the unique advantages and favorable conditions of the leading port's deep-water Lianggang and rail-water intermodal transport, the park will focus on developing port-vicinity processing trade, modern equipment manufacturing, high-end electronic information, chemical fibre textiles and modern logistics, and build a comprehensive industrial agglomeration. The region and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River are important port-vicinity economic and industrial bases.

Industrial planning.

Modern logistics industry. Located in the Longtou port and Shituo operation area, around the main port handling logistics industry, we will vigorously develop rail, water and river-sea intermodal transport, supporting the development of modern logistics industry in the form of warehousing, bonded, freight forwarding and so on.

Chemical fiber textile industry. Depending on the PTA project of Pengwei Petrochemical Company, Nan'an Pu Group will expand downward the fiber and textile industries such as polyester, chemical fibers, textiles and garments. Timely development of all kinds of clothing, home textile products, automotive, engineering, medical, agricultural textiles, all kinds of new packaging materials.

Port-vicinity trade processing industry. The Shita Group will focus on the development of port-vicinity processing and trade industries, based on the projects of GangLongyudong Industrial and Trade Mall and Jinbin Recycled Plastic Processing.

Modern equipment manufacturing industry. The layout is in Zhengjiagou District of Xinshi Group, with emphasis on introducing new energy vehicles and supporting projects, engineering machinery and equipment, large-scale environmental protection and other modern equipment projects.

High-end electronic information industry. Located in the south of Xinmiaochang Circle Road, Xinmiaochang Group will focus on the development of intelligent terminals, smart home, laser TV, and control integrated circuits, polarizers, LCD, driving IC and other industrial chains around LCD panels.

At present, the infrastructure of Longqiao Industrial Park is improving day by day, the industrial agglomeration is taking shape, the development momentum is constantly increasing, and a modern park with economic prosperity, environmental friendliness and social harmony is rising rapidly.

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