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Chongqing Foreign Investment Promotion Center is a designated agency and window for Chongqing Municipal Government to provide "one-stop (door) service" to foreign businessmen. It directly belongs to Chongqing Foreign Trade Economic Commission and is a member unit of China International Investment Promotion Association and a member of China Foreign Service Industry Association. Member units and FESCO human resources service member units. The main responsibilities of the center are to provide services for the "one-stop (door) office" of the municipal government, to publicize the investment environment in Chongqing, to provide assistance to foreign enterprises planning to set up companies and branches in Chongqing, and to promote the overseas investment environment to domestic and Chongqing local enterprises seeking overseas expansion. At the same time, it also provides all-round services for foreign-invested enterprises and local enterprises in Chongqing, such as human resources, international exchanges, business friendship, complaint coordination, business agent and foreign life.

In November 2008, the Chongqing Foreign Investment Promotion Center co-operated with the Secretariat of Chongqing Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises. The main duties of foreign trade associations are to serve members and investors, guide members to operate in accordance with the law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, enhance friendship and cooperation among members, and promote mutual understanding between members and governments, in accordance with the principles, policies, laws and regulations of opening up to the outside world and implementing the western development to encourage foreign investment. Members play an active role in Chongqing's economic, social development and international economic cooperation.

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Host: Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Relations CommerceUndertaker: Chongqing Investment Promotion AssociationTel: +86-023-67862888

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