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The city has formed a good development pattern with food industry as the main pillar, textile and clothing, paper making, household, plastics, leather shoes, printing and packaging, and gas lighting as the multi-support of seven billion sub-industries. Food industry, leather and its products industry, household appliances manufacturing industry, paper and paper products industry, textile and garment industry, daily chemical industry, silicate industry have more than 20 categories, covering more than 80 industries.

Food industry is one of the traditional superior industries in our city. In recent years, Chongqing's food industry has taken the opportunity of creating a national food safety demonstration city to implement the "three products" strategy, promote the integration of agriculture and industry, gradually develop from traditional handicraft workshops to mechanization and automation, to digitalization and intellectualization, with a planned output value exceeding 100 billion. Guan, accounting for 7% of the city's planned industrial share, has become an important force in the steady growth of the city's industrial economy, restructuring and benefiting people's livelihood, and a number of well-known brands and enterprises have emerged.

In 2018, the city's food industry output value increased by 1.1%, profit increased by 5%, and the profit margin of main revenue was 7.3%. The growth rates of added value of agricultural and sideline food processing industry, food manufacturing industry, wine and beverage industry, refined tea industry and tobacco industry were -0.7%, 1.7%, 5.7% and 11.1%, respectively. Feed processing, vegetable oil processing, slaughtering and meat processing, fruit and vegetable processing, tobacco and other sub-industries have a scale of more than 10 billion yuan.

The degree of specialization of industrial clusters is constantly improving. The edible oil industry cluster represented by Jiangjin Degan Industrial Park gathers "5 barrels of oil" from goldfish, Fulinmen, Luhua, Red Dragonfly and Fudafang. Fuling District, as the representative of the mustard industry cluster, gathers more than 100 million yuan of production enterprises such as Fuling mustard group and Spicy Girls, with an annual processing capacity of more than 600,000 tons. Qijiang Food Industrial Park has brought together more than 30 food processing enterprises, such as "sincere" melon seeds, "Guanshengyuan" and "Xiaodongtian", with an annual output value of more than 3.5 billion yuan.

Chongqing's food industry conforms to the "two points" orientation, "two places" and "two highs" objectives and "four solid" requirements, meets the needs of safety, diversity, health, nutrition and convenience, and bases itself on potatoes, citrus, beef cattle, vegetables, pigs, ecological fisheries, grain and oil, cash crops, and gives full play to food and meat products. The role of ports should integrate the two kinds of resources, lead by the intellectualization of big data, construct green ecological breeding, go to intelligent factory processing and manufacturing, and to the industrial ecology of new retail consumption experience, actively consolidate and cultivate the development of meat processing, fruit and vegetable processing, edible oil processing, beverage, dairy products manufacturing, leisure food manufacturing, etc. Eight billion industrial clusters, such as condiment manufacturing and cigarette manufacturing, will focus on guiding the development of convenient, green, nutritious and healthy new products such as food additives, pastries, candies and ice products, and building a good industrial structure for the symbiotic development of large, medium, small and micro enterprises.

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