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Chongqing has a strong machinery manufacturing and supporting capacity, is China's largest motorcycle production base, an important internal combustion engine production base, the largest instrument production base, the largest inland ship research and development base, China's large transformer production base; mainly metal manufacturing, general equipment, transportation equipment, special purpose. Equipment, electrical and equipment, instruments and instruments and other six categories of 47 industries, the production of internal combustion engines, wind turbines, large gearboxes, instrumentation, power transmission and transformation equipment, ships, machine tools and other 1500 varieties, more than 10,000 specifications of products.

Our city has implemented 203 intelligent transformation projects, identified and built 76 digital workshops and intelligent factories in Chongqing. After the completion of the demonstration project, the average productivity increased by 67.3%, the rate of defective products decreased by 32%, the average operating cost decreased by 19.8%, and the average energy consumption per unit of production decreased by 17.3%. At present, we are accelerating the construction of industrial Internet identification and analysis of top national nodes, and developing industrial Internet platform. In 2018, 40 enterprises selected the first batch of Chongqing Industrial Internet Platform and Cloud Service Resource Pool. Aerospace Cloud Network, Tencent Cloud, Jingdong Cloud, Tidal Cloud, Ziguang Cloud, Ali Flying Elephant, User Friends, Intelligent Cloud Section, Zhongyun Internet of Things and other platforms and cloud service enterprises have developed in Chongqing.

Our city has promulgated the guiding opinions on further strengthening technological transformation and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. "Chongqing deepened the" Internet + Advanced Manufacturing "development of industrial Internet implementation plan," Chongqing digital workshop and intelligent factory identification management method (Trial Implementation) "," Chongqing city develops intelligent manufacturing implementation party ". Case (2019-2022) and other series of documents, guide and support the city's enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, we have increased financial support. 87% of the city's special funds for Industry and information technology support the intelligent development of big data. One third of the funds are used to support enterprises to implement intelligent manufacturing and drive the whole society to complete the investment of 45 billion yuan in intelligent technology transformation.

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