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Chongqing is an important automobile manufacturing base in China. There are 41 automobile manufacturers, which have a complete product lineage of passenger cars (cars, SUVs, MPVs), commercial vehicles (buses, trucks), special vehicles (dump trucks, trailers, money carriers, sanitation vehicles, etc.). There are thousands of automotive parts enterprises with complete supply system of engine, transmission, brake system, steering system, axle, interior system, air conditioning and other major components. The local matching rate of automotive parts is over 70%. Chang'an system (including Chang'an Automobile, Chang'an Ford, Chang'an Suzuki, Chang'an Crossing) has been formed as the leader, and more than ten whole vehicle enterprises such as SAIC Iveco Hongyan, SAIC General Wuling, Dongfeng Well-off, Beiqi Yinxiang, Beijing Hyundai, Huachen Xinyuan, Lifan Automobile, Qingling Automobile, Weichai Automobile, North Benz, Hengtong Bus and so on have been formed. The industry is the backbone, and thousands of supporting enterprises support the "1+10+1000" superior industrial cluster. The annual comprehensive production capacity of automobiles reaches 4 million, and the annual production and sales reach 3 million vehicles.

Chongqing is an important motorcycle manufacturing base in China. There are 36 motorcycle manufacturers with an annual production capacity of 10 million vehicles and 20 million engines. They have nurtured a number of well-known enterprises such as Longxin, Zongshen, Lifan and Yinxiang, ranking first in China for many years.

It is expected that by 2022, the leading position of the city's automobile industry in the country will be further consolidated, with an annual output of about 3.2 million vehicles, accounting for 10% of the country's annual output of automobiles, with an output value of about 650 billion yuan and a substantial increase in the value of bicycles. Among them, the annual output of new energy vehicles is about 400,000, and the smart-net-connected vehicles is about 1.2 million, which has become an important research and development and manufacturing base of new energy and smart-net-connected vehicles in China.

Our city has issued Guidelines for Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading Development of the Automobile Industry in Chongqing, Several Policies for Accelerating the Development of New Energy and Intelligent Network Automobile Industry in Chongqing, and Policies for Supporting the Promotion and Application of New Energy Automobiles in Chongqing, thus forming a "1+2" policy system for promoting the development of the automobile industry.

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