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Railway is the main artery of national economy, key infrastructure and livelihood projects, and its position and role in China's economic and social development is crucial. The railway has formed a network pattern of "one hub and nine trunk lines", with a total operating mileage of 2371 kilometers and 850 kilometers under construction, covering 33 districts and counties in the city and forming 11 external corridors. Existing Sui-Yu, Yu-Li and Lan-Yu railways (Chongqing-Guangyuan Section) have opened up Chongqing's west-to-east and north-to-north external corridors. After the construction of Chongqing-Guizhou, Guizhou-Zhangchang and other railways has been put into operation, Chongqing's external corridor transport capacity will be further enhanced.In the "Eight Longitudinal and Eight Horizontal" high-speed rail trunk line planning announced by the state, five main high-speed rail corridors, namely, Beijing-Kunming, Bao (Yin) Hai, Lan (Xiguang), Yanjiang and Xiamen-Chongqing, will converge in Chongqing. Chongqing will become the hub city of the national high-speed rail network and play a prominent role in the key connecting point of the Yangtze River economic belt. Construction of the East Ring Line of Chongqing Railway Hub has started, the Orchard Port Inbound Railway has been completed and put into operation, and the Fuling Longtou Port Inbound Railway and the Wanzhou Xintian Port Inbound Railway are accelerating their preliminary work. Railway hub construction has been accelerating, the hub operation has been more efficient, and Xinglongchang marshalling station has been built, forming a "1+8" freight hub system with Tuanjiecun Container Center Station as the core, Moxinpo, Beibei, Luohuang, Tangjiatuo, Yuzui and other stations as the support.

First, Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe International Railway Intermodal Transport Channel. On January 28, 2011, the first Yuxin Euro-Ban Line opened up the pioneer of China's Central-European Ban Line, which has become the earliest, largest and most stable in operation. Last year, relying on the main line from Chongqing to Germany, we opened classes in Moscow, Budapest and Milan. In the near future, we will launch classes in Belgium, Iran and Turkey.

The second is the South-to-South railway-sea intermodal transport corridor between Chongqing and Guizhou. Opened on September 25, 2017, it takes Guangxi, Guizhou and Gansu as key nodes to reach ASEAN countries such as Singapore. The main purpose is Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, Japan, etc. The return goods are mainly motorcycle accessories, paper products, etc. The up-going goods are mainly building materials, agricultural products and so on.

Third, Chongqing-Shenzhen Railway-Sea Intermodal Transport Channel. This is the earliest Rail-sea intermodal transport channel developed in our city. This class is scheduled to open in May 2010. It arrives at Yantian Port in Shenzhen via Yuhuai, Shanghai-Kunming, Beijing-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Kowloon and Peace Salt Railway, and then reaches the whole world by sea boat. Chongqing and Yantian Port are directly connected by the Chongqing-Shenzhen Corridor. Chongqing has become the largest waterless port in the inland city of Shenzhen Yantian Port, and the Chongqing-Shenzhen train has become the first brand of white goods on Chinese railways.

Fourth, the international train of railway-sea intermodal transport along the Yangtze River in Yuyong. On January 23, 2018, Chongqing-Ningbo (Chongqing-Ningbo) Railway-Sea Intermodal Transport International Line was officially opened along the Yangtze River. This Line can not only improve the construction of the east-facing Yangtze River corridor in our city, alleviate a series of problems caused by the Yangtze River congestion, but also better promote regional cooperation between the western region with Chongqing as an important node and the Yangtze River Economic Zone.

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