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Specification for Registration and Submission Material of Establishment of Foreign-funded Enterprises(2019)

1. Application for company registration (filing)

2. Articles of association. The articles of association of the company shall be signed by the legal representatives or authorizers of the investors and sealed by the investors. The investors shall sign the articles of association by themselves if they are natural persons. Enterprises involved in special management measures for foreign investment access shall submit their articles of association after examination and approval by the examination and approval department.

3.  Subject qualification certificate or natural person identity certificate of investors. Chinese investors should submit business license/certificate of legal person registration of public institutions/copy of certificate of legal person registration of social organizations/certificate of certificate of private non-enterprise units affixed with the official seal of the unit as the main qualification certificate; the main qualification certificate or identity certificate of foreign investors should be notarized by their own competent authorities and sent to the Chinese ambassador in that country.( Consulate certification. If there is no diplomatic relationship between China and its own country, it shall be certified by the Embassy (consulate) of the third country that has diplomatic relations with our country in that country, and then by the Embassy (consulate) of our country in that third country. Documents issued by overseas territories of some countries should be notarized in that territory, certified by the diplomatic agencies of that country, and finally certified by the embassies (consulates) of our country in that country. The principal qualification certificate or identity certificate of investors in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall provide notary documents of local notary institutions in accordance with special provisions or agreements.

4. Copies of the working documents and identity certificates of legal representatives, directors, supervisors and managers.

5. Certificate of lawful use of residence (business place).

6. A joint stock limited company initiated and established shall submit the minutes of the meeting of the shareholders'general meeting, and a joint stock limited company raised and established shall submit the minutes of the meeting of the founding meeting. (may be submitted in conjunction with item 4)

7. Where a joint stock limited company established by the method of offering shares is publicly issued, the original or valid copy of the approval document of the securities regulatory authority under the State Council shall be submitted.

8. The approval documents of the examining and approving authorities (copy 1 of the approval and approval certificate) (provided only by enterprises involved in Special Administrative Measures for foreign investment access).

9.Copies of approval documents or licenses (limited to those enterprises which have laws, administrative regulations and the decision of the State Council stipulating that they must submit approved projects before registration).

10.The Business Record Acceptance Form for Foreign-funded Enterprises and the materials required for the business establishment of foreign-funded enterprises (which do not involve the special management measures for foreign-funded access) should be provided. (1 original)


1.  In accordance with the Company Law, the Sino-foreign Joint Venture Law, the Law on Foreign-funded Enterprises and the Law on Sino-foreign Joint Venture Enterprises, these Regulations shall apply to the application for the establishment of foreign-funded limited liability companies and foreign-funded joint stock limited companies.

2. Type A4 paper shall be used in the application documents submitted for registration and other application materials.

3. If the documents submitted are written in foreign languages, they should be translated into Chinese and stamped with the seal of the translator.

4. If the submission does not indicate the submission of a copy, the original shall be submitted; if the submission is made, the original shall be marked "in accordance with the original" and signed by the applicant, or the official seal or signature shall be affixed by the designated representative or the co-entrusted agent.

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