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Current Development of Strategic Emerging Industries

1.Vigorously Promote the Development of Emerging Industries with Big Data Intelligent Industry as the Core

In recent years, based on market demand, industry frontier and resource endowment, Chongqing has successively promulgated the Strategic Action Plan for Innovation-driven Development (2018-2020) led by Big Data Intelligence and Several Policies for Accelerating the Development of Integrated Circuit Industry in Chongqing, which has formed the infrastructure and industry of Big Data Intelligence. The development of key directions, key application areas and other aspects of strong support and protection, focusing on building the industrial framework, driving the industrial chain, supply chain upstream and downstream follow-up, accelerating the formation of industrial clusters. In 2018, the added value of strategic emerging manufacturing industry in the whole city increased by 13.1%, contributing 495.2% to industrial growth above scale, which is the main driving force for industrial economic growth.

2.Accelerate the upgrading and upgrading of industries led by intellectualized transformation

Our City firmly grasps the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, actively docks with the national new round of major technological transformation and upgrading projects, promotes the pace of enterprise digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation, and stimulates the innovation vitality, transformation power and development potential of manufacturing industry. More than 200 enterprises in the city have been promoted to implement intelligent transformation, including 14 intelligent factories and 62 digital workshops, 73.4% of the city's digital R&D and design tools, 48.6% of the key processes and 8.7% of the ready rate of intelligent manufacturing. Building industrial Internet platform, cooperating with aerospace cloud network to build industrial big data manufacturing innovation center and cloud manufacturing industry base, introducing Tencent to build industrial Internet intelligent supercomputing center, Aliyun and Chongqing Saidi to build Feixiang industrial Internet platform, and actively promoting enterprise "cloud platform".

3.Stick to the project to promote and lead, and focus on supporting the integration of manufacturing and Internet development

China Mobile Internet of things "OneNET platform" and Chinese science and technology cloud cluster "artificial intelligence basic resource public service platform" were selected in the national development and Reform Commission's "Internet +" major project; 2 projects of Changan automobile and collector were selected as the national level of manufacturing and Internet integration pilot demonstration; Chongqing Unicom, Chongqing communications and pig 3 platforms were selected. The national manufacturing industry and the Internet have integrated the two pilot demonstration platforms; Changan automobile has become a national service manufacturing demonstration enterprise; LONCIN general, Hai Wang joint control, intelligent water meter group, new standard medical care and pig eight quit * 5 projects have become national service manufacturing demonstration. Tencent builds an industrial Internet Intelligent Over-Computing Center. Based on Intelligent Over-Computing Cloud Services and Chang'an Automobile, Tencent builds an ecosystem of Chang'an Cloud Design, Big Data and Intelligent Vehicle Networking, which drives the Chang'an Industry on the Cloud Platform. Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Hongjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. have become pilot demonstration enterprises of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

4.Emerging manufacturing industry is gradually gathering and growing

Integrated circuit upgrade, ADC chip design is the national leader. LCD basically forms the whole industry chain from glass substrate to terminal display. The annual output of industrial robots exceeds 2000 sets. The Internet of Things basically forms a trinity of hardware manufacturing, system integration and operation services. New energy vehicles have entered the national tax-free catalogue with 208 models and 38,000 vehicles in output. The output of Intelligent Network United Vehicles increased by 38.9% to 128,000 vehicles. The annual output of shale gas is 6 billion square meters. Biomedicine, new materials, high-end transportation equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection industries have accelerated their development. The added value of strategic emerging manufacturing industry grew by 25.7%, which was 16.1 percentage points higher than that of the whole city's large-scale industry. The added value accounted for 17.3% of the city's industry and contributed 37.5% to the city's industrial growth.

Overall Conception of Future Development

Next, Chongqing's industry will take "high quality, supply side and intellectualization" as the main line to further promote the development strategy of big data intellectualization, focus on promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, accelerate the development of intelligent industry, focus on optimizing industrial structure, vigorously implement intelligent manufacturing, enhance the level of industrial development, and actively promote intelligence. Enabling application and striving to promote high-quality development. By 2020, the added value of the advanced manufacturing industry with intelligent industry as its core will account for about 30% of the total value of the city, and will basically build an important national intelligent industry base and a first-class demonstration city of intelligent applications.

1.Grasp the Development of Intelligent Industry and Focus on Enlarging the Scale of Emerging Industries

Taking the development of big data intelligent industry as the top priority in promoting the implementation of the strategic action plan of innovation-driven development guided by big data intellectualization, we should build a complete digital economic ecological system and strive to create a new economic growth point. We will accelerate the development of 12 intelligent industries, including big data, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, intelligent over-computing, software services, the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, intelligent robots, intelligent hardware, intelligent networked vehicles, intelligent manufacturing equipment and digital content, to promote the transformation of intelligent technology, application and product innovation, and to promote technology integration and business models. Innovation, layout of high-end industrial chain, build a competitive intelligent industrial cluster. By 2020, we will strive to form a number of leading industrial clusters in the fields of intelligent hardware, big data, intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent networked automobile and so on, with the scale of the intelligent industry reaching 750 billion yuan.

2.We will vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing and strive to improve the level of development of manufacturing industry.

We should firmly grasp the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the pace of digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of enterprises, and stimulate the innovation vitality, transformation power and development potential of manufacturing industry.

Firstly, we should promote the implementation of machine replacement in enterprises. Promote enterprises to use intelligent technology to transform non-automation equipment, guide enterprises to apply automation equipment, deploy online monitoring (testing) and online control system, promote system integration and interconnection of production equipment and manufacturing units, and accelerate the progress from equipment automation to production line automation, workshop automation and factory automation. Enter.

Second, promote the integration of enterprise information systems. To guide enterprises to build and apply information systems such as R&D design, process and simulation, data collection and analysis, manufacturing execution, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, product life cycle management, warehousing and logistics management, and to build industrial communication networks at factory and workshop levels, so as to promote R&D design, product data management and enterprises. Source Planning, Production Scheduling, Manufacturing Execution, Warehouse Logistics Management and other information systems for efficient collaboration and data acquisition integration applications.

Thirdly, the construction of industrial Internet ecology. Building industrial Internet identification and analysis nodes at all levels and basic function platform, promoting industrial manufacturing collaboration, traceability and product life cycle management by using identification and analysis. We will accelerate the introduction and cultivation of industrial Internet platforms, actively build industrial Internet platforms of sub-industries, sub-regions and layers, and lay a solid foundation for smart manufacturing at the grass-roots level. Actively promote the key links of R&D, manufacturing, operation and management, service operation and maintenance of enterprises, and gradually achieve a high degree of synergy in the manufacturing industry chain, thus spawning a number of new manufacturing modes and new formats.

Fourthly, we should develop a new mode of intelligent manufacturing. Firstly, we should vigorously promote the collaborative manufacturing of enterprise networks. Promote information sharing and business collaboration among enterprises in different links such as upstream and downstream product development, production and manufacturing, business management and manufacturing services, and promote the sharing of manufacturing resources among enterprises, as well as the parallel organization and collaborative optimization of key manufacturing links. Second, vigorously develop mass customization enterprises. To guide, encourage and support enterprises to build personalized customization service platform for users, to realize large-scale personalized order flexible manufacturing from R&D design, planned production, flexible manufacturing to logistics distribution, and to build enterprises'ability to meet users' personalized needs quickly and efficiently. Third, we should vigorously cultivate long-distance operation and maintenance service enterprises. To guide, encourage and support enterprises to build product life cycle management platform, develop online support (information value-added) services such as remote operation and maintenance, quality control, fault warning, product optimization, and innovate product + service mode.

3.We will actively promote the construction of smart cities and strive to improve the level of intelligent application.

Intelligent applications focus on digging out the political, commercial and civil value of big data intelligentization, focusing on five major sectors and 33 fields, such as industrial integration, government management, people's livelihood services, public goods and social governance. By 2020, 80 key intelligentized application projects will be launched to accelerate the implementation of intelligent government, intelligent transportation and intelligent objects. Priority actions include streaming, intelligent education and intelligent medical treatment. Through the wide application of big data in all walks of life, we can make economic development more vigorous and people's production and life more convenient.

In the aspect of industrial integration, we should focus on the pilot demonstration of intelligent application in eight industries and fields, such as agriculture and energy. Intelligent products and intelligent technology are used to promote three industrial intelligent transformation and upgrading. For example, the integration of big data and agriculture is of great importance to the implementation of Rural Revitalization strategy, precise poverty alleviation and narrowing the digital divide between urban and rural areas. The integration of digital finance with financial industry can build a more effective credit platform system and alleviate the "financing difficulty and financing expensive" problem of small and medium-sized enterprises; the integration of intelligent logistics with logistics industry and the construction of electronic ports can greatly improve customs clearance efficiency, reduce customs clearance costs, and make logistics supply flow more smoothly. Smooth and efficient, to help the construction of inland open highlands.

In the aspect of government management, we should focus on promoting the integration and sharing of cross-sectoral data resources and the intelligent application of government affairs, so as to further improve the ability and level of the government to govern scientifically, democratically and legally. For example, to promote intelligent government, through the integration and interconnection of multi-department data, standardize the functions of enterprise information collection, record registration and information mutual recognition, speed up the reform of "multi-certificate integration" and improve administrative efficiency; to promote the online processing of administrative examination and approval matters, to construct an online government hall, to realize the government service into "family" and to make information available. Running more, enterprises and the masses less.

In public service, on the one hand, it promotes the deep integration of big data Intelligentization in medical, educational, social security and other livelihood services, promotes the development of telemedicine and tele-education, and solves the imbalance of public resources; on the other hand, it expands the application of intelligent technology in transportation, environment and other fields, focusing on the construction of "urban brain" ” Intelligent Chongqing, through large data intelligentized access to Chongqing's "neural network", carries out global real-time analysis of the whole city, automatic allocation of public resources, to create a convenient, fast, inclusive and livable, people-oriented intelligent living environment.

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